About us


Doctors General Clinic  is a modern, well equipped General Hospital  with a 75-bed capacity, operating in the center of Athens.

Doctors´ Hospital is the crown of the efforts of a group of doctors to create a model, man-centered clinic. The aim of the clinic is to provide high-quality health services, with modern technological means and well equipped scientific staff, on popular prices. Within that context, the clinic constantly invests in reinforcing its staff, by developing new cooperations, by constantly training its nursing staff on new techniques, and by upgrading its technological equipment.

Doctors’ Hospital operating in the center of Athens and it  is only 20 minutes from Athens International Airport and 30 minutes from sea transportation point.

Having examined and assessed the requirements of the domestic and international market we are able to respond immediately, effectively and promptly to any requirements.
The high quality health service and competitive commercial policy of our clinic in conjunction with flexibility and customization services of our clinics, makes us the ideal choice for patients who entrust us with their health.

Here you can be confident that we have the expertise and facilities to look after you at every stage of your care, from screening to diagnostics, to the latest treatments and even rehabilitation.

At the same time, Doctors´ Hospital has entered into contract with the National Organization for the Provision of Health Services (ΕΟΠΥΥ), and with almost all the remaining social insurance funds and large insurance companies, thus enabling all insured people to enjoy high-level services at low, and in some cases, even zero, cost. The doctors, the nursing staff and officials of Doctors´ Hospital all stand by the patients daily, making sure these are served directly and responsibly.