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Doctors’ General Clinic, given the need for constant modernization, increasingly invests on medical and hotel infrastructures and combines modern medical technology with the sense of responsibility of the medical vocation, thus ensuring integrated health services. A new and exceptionally modern tool of the clinic is the FHD-monitor-equipped laparoscopic towers. Now, the surgical image of all laparoscopic procedures is impeccable and will be carried out more easily and effectively. Moreover, the clinic is equipped with an innovative prostate laser. The pioneer technology of that laser ensures exceptional results and the safety of low intervention. Its innovative function makes this laser ideal for treating benign prostate hyperplasia and tumors of the bladder, urethra and ureter strictures, urethral condyloma and for performing meatotomy. Among the many benefits for the patient, it offers minimal haemorrhage compared to other laser systems, reduction of operating time and faster post-surgical rehabilitation.

The clinic has acquired the most advanced system for the removal of cataract in the world. The technology of the system is exceptionally safe, painless and allows the faster and better repair of the patient’s vision, because of the smaller surgical incision and the minimal burden on the tissues due to the minimal operating time with the less possible ultrasound action.

Clinic constantly examines new technological tools to enrich its infrastructure with the latest medical equipment.

Doctors´ General Clinic will soon have a state-of-the-art technology, one that few clinics are able to offer in Greece and in Europe in the health services.