Patients Informations


A patient’s admission to the clinic is planned either by the attending doctor, or by the patient himself, by calling to the clinic’s call-centre, at the number 210-8807000, stating the name, the name of the attending doctor, the telephone number and the type of the room the patient wishes to have, which will be finalized at the date and time of his/her admission, depending on the availability (occupancy) of the clinic. The patient’s admission to a one-bed room must be planned before his/her arrival.

Upon their arrival, patients are served in the clinic’s reception and they must have with them:

› Police Identification Card

› Ticket by the Social Security Organization (if the admission is made through a Public Insurance Organization)

› Hospitalization card (in case they use private insurance).

Only during his/her admission may a patient declare that he/she uses a private insurance, not later. Upon the end of admission process, the patient is notified on the procedures to follow (pre-operative testing, diagnostic tests, etc.). Patients may be transferred with the clinic’s ambulance, by contacting the clinic’s call-center: 210-8807000 (ten lines) or the telephone of the ambulance in service: 6982120014 (emergency cases)


The clinic is not responsible for the valuable items of the patients during their stay at the hospital.

Patients and their accompanying persons are not to take initiatives regarding medication and food intake.


To leave the hospital, patients must receive their discharge card, have a potential medication prescribed on their personal health booklet, receive relevant instructions, and pay the relevant cost at the patient accounting office.

Patients may receive copy of their medical file after 3-5 days, by filing a relevant written request with the clinic’s reception the day after their discharge.

To protect patient personal information, both the request and the reception of the copy may be made by the patient himself or by an authorize person.


Payment is made as follows:


Credit card (Visa, MasterCard).

Bank Cheques expiring the date of the discharge.

Crossed cheques and Diners Cards are not acceptable.