COVID 19 Measurement Protection

With a great  sense of responsibility towards patients, visitors and staff, special measures are applied in all areas of the Clinic.


The Infectious Diseases Committee cooperates on a daily basis with the Administration of the Clinic – always guided by the latest instructions of EODY – to ensure the protection of everyone’s health and therefore the smooth and safe conduct of all medical procedures.


See in detail all the measures:


  • Patients and Visitors are getting into the building only from the main gate (all other entrances are sealed)
  • Thermometry and Screening of an incident at the external entrance of the clinic.
  • All non-staff members of the clinic are prohibited from entering the clinic, except for patients (and those after selection) attendants (with special permission) and those holding a special permit from the Administration.
  • Carrying out regular check-ups on the staff of the Clinic
  • Patient visits are only allowed by an attendant who is declared at admission
  • The escorts receive relevant instructions based on the regulations of the clinic as well as information for the protection of themselves and the others around them.
  • Patients are admitted to the Emergency Room only according to the instructions of the suspect sorting point.
  • All the staff of Emergency Room Wear a simple surgical mask and gloves and PPE sets are available with the following items: Hat, Mask, Eye protection (glasses or mask), Gloves, Protective robe, Disposable waterproof apron
  • All medical and paramedical staff wear a simple surgical mask and gloves.
  • All staff of the Administrative Service wear a surgical mask
  • Unnecessary gathering of clinic staff and unnecessary movement of staff from department to department is PROHIBITED.
  • Education and emphasis has been given to personal hygiene and the rules for preventing the transmission of the disease inside and mainly outside the Clinic.
  • Fully vaccinated patient escorts MUST undergo a Rapid Test for Covid-19 within 48 hours of entering the clinic
  • Unvaccinated patient escorts MUST undergo Laboratory Molecular Testing (PCR) for Covid-19 within 48 hours of entering the clinic