Doctors' Hospital is a modern, well-equipped, General Clinic


Doctors' Hospital is a modern, well-equipped, General Clinic

Doctors General Clinic is a modern, well equipped General Hospital with a 75-bed capacity, operating in the center of Athens.

Doctors´ Hospital is the crown of the efforts of a group of doctors to create a model, man-centered clinic. The aim of the clinic is to provide high-quality health services, with modern technological means and well equipped scientific staff, on popular prices. Within that context, the clinic constantly invests in reinforcing its staff, by developing new cooperations, by constantly training its nursing staff on new techniques, and by upgrading its technological equipment.

Doctors’ Hospital operating in the center of Athens and it is only 20 minutes from Athens International Airport and 30 minutes from sea transportation point.

Doctors' Hospital is a modern, well-equipped, General Clinic
Doctors' Hospital is a modern, well-equipped, General Clinic


Henk & Yvonne

«Voor Mischa
Veel sterkte in Griekenland!
Wij sympathiseren met u en denken aan u!
Bedankt voor je hulp en vriendelijkheid die vreselijke nacht.
We hopen u snel te zien.
Heel veel liefs uit Delft.»

Jean-Philippe Batard

«I’m Jean-Philippe, the french tourist on whom you made a house call visit on May 3rd in Athens and helped me to performed my surgery. More than 3 months after the surgery operation, I wanted to give you some news. As you told me, I was able to leave my crutches mid of June and walk again. I’m now able to walk normally, to drive, ride my bicycle again like before my fracture.
You must know that the physician, radiologist, surgeon and kinesiologist I consulted in France were, each of them, impressed by the quality of the surgery you performed. The kinesiologist told me I couldn’t recover more quickly than I did.
I would like to thank you again for the surgery operation you performed.»

Macarena Candela Maestú

«This is Macarena , Ines sister in law .I have been talking to you a few days ago about Ines facture.
They have arrived to Spain without any problems . She had a little pain during the  flight and now they are in the ambulance to their city.
All their family, their sons  and them would like to thank you all the people in the hospital for helping  them.
And again , thank you for all your help  and for being so kind with them in this difficult moments . They had feel protected in every moment.
Best wishes

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